Venice Book Festival: Wind, Laughter, and My LIAC Team

The Venice, Florida Book Festival was my first event Promoting our book, “Bloom Where You Are.’ It started great by meeting several individuals and authors from around the world. I was thoroughly enjoying myself until… The dreaded wind started to pick up!

As papers started to flutter in the wind, I could see other authors’ eyes fill with anxiety as they picked up objects that fell from their displays.

Our book cover backdrop/stand swayed back and forth, my tablecloth moved up and down as IF it were a living organism and I watched our Bloom Where You Are scan cards on the front side of our booth ‘take off in the wind’ like surfers catching a good wave! Lol. 

Calling any authors reading this blog…

Can you relate at some level?! Lol. 

I have a simple solution for the next time I do an outdoor festival: ring clips, and tape! Lol. 

With that being said, my experience with helping Celia, my mother throughout our two-year period together taught me many things… 

One of them was to not panic when things go wrong, and they will! I find it easier to laugh off small things and work on finding a solution as opposed to getting frustrated. 

How do you handle pressure and or when things go south? Share your thoughts or strategies that may help another reader… 

Whenever I’ve become frustrated in this multi-leveled task of writing and or completing our book, I think of our amazing team as well as my purpose for writing it… to make a positive difference in families around the world! 

It’s been approximately eight months since our Life Is A Classroom Team began planning, organizing, strategizing, budgeting, and finally finishing the first edited copy of our book, ‘Bloom Where You Are.’ Wow. I didn’t realize what a daunting task it  would be writing a book.

I thank God every day that he has surrounded me with an incredible team of caring, insightful, and skilled individuals who are experts in their crafts. 

Have you ever thought about writing a book? 

I never thought I would, but the team that I assembled encouraged me to do just that…

Do you have a team of experts around you on your job that you depend on regularly? 

I do. I’ve been truly blessed to have these individuals as part of our LIAC Team:

Beth: Digital Editor; Beth Thompson Enterprises, LLC

Feli: Ambassador for our Liac Foundation; Brand Partnerships 

Joe: Founder of Denisco Strategic Marketing

 Jeff: C.P.A. and Trustee of the LIAC Foundation 

Sam: Co-Author of ‘Bloom Where You Are’, computer technician and co-coach for Life Design Coaching, LLC   

Wakili: Seasoned principal in Rochester, N.Y. and educational consultant 

Patrick: Founder of Patty’s Peppers LLC and Fitness Consultant 

Podcasters: Please ‘take ten’ and tune into our episode on ‘Learning & Leadership’ with Dr. Cheryl Lentz… 


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