Happy Easter and/or ‘Resurrection Day’ Weekend

This was the first Easter Sunday without our mother, Celia. Wow!  As I was riding my mountain bike early Easter morning, my mind and heart were swirling with emotions: relief she is at peace, sad she’s not here on earth, and motivated to keep making a positive difference in my classroom of life!

Easter was one of Celia’s favorite holidays because she sang in church, cooked Arabic food (i.e., our father was Lebanese) for her family, and talked with her sisters throughout the day…

Are your parents still living or are they deceased?  If not, what are some of your fond memories of either parent and or both? Please share…

Our mom’s faith was an integral part of her life. She sang in the choir of her church for 40 years! Her passion for singing rubbed off on her family. I am constantly singing throughout the day… I listen to mostly gospel music and like to intertwine some country and 80s music as well…

Easter dinner was delicious: grilled lamb, hummus, salad, garlic sauce, baked ham, asparagus, and too many desserts!

Lol. How about your family? Do they have traditional foods they cook on Easter? Give a shoutout…

*A special thanks to my brother Matt, and my sister-in-law, Kristen … They have a gift for hospitality!

Podcasters: Please tune in to part one of our episode honoring our mother, Celia on the Life Is A Classroom podcast, which will resume season four in July 2024 with the launch of our book, ‘Bloom Where You Are.’


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Coach N.


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