Dr. Ali: ‘Our Influence On Others’

Who are you influencing in your classroom of life or sphere of influence? 

Webster’s definition of influence is the power or capacity of an effect in indirect or untangled ways; sway or the act or power of producing an effect without apparent exertion of force or direct exercise of command.

Is your sphere of influence increasing daily, staying the same, or becoming smaller? 

I know when I’m not in a positive mindset it seems like my influence on that particular day dwindles to a spark as opposed to a burning light that positively impacts diverse student populations, clients, family members, friends, and/or new individuals that cross my path on social media.

How about you? What are a few thoughts you can share that might benefit other individuals who may read this blog?! 

As a result of being in the educational profession for three decades as a dean, classroom teacher, and Life Design Coach I’ve had the honor of positively influencing thousands of parents, students, teachers, and community leaders. 

Two years ago, at an anti-bullying conference in Ocean City, Maryland my long-time friend, Joe, and  I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Ali, Muhammad Ali‘s former wife. As we watched her from a distance, we noticed that her presence had an immediate impact on teenagers, adults, reporters, and various entrepreneurs who attended this amazing event. 

Please ‘set aside ten minutes’ while you're working out, driving your car, or maybe just chilling out having coffee, and listen to ‘The Value of our Influence on Others’ with Dr. Ali, the former wife of boxing 🥊 legend Muhammad Ali. 


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