Underdogs: ‘Play with your hair on fire 🔥!’

Ryan Day is grateful for the Buckeyes' second chance to enter the CFP semifinal against Georgia… 

Motivation for ‘The Dawgs’...

  • "If we're going to win this game, we've got to play every single play like our hair's on fire," Day said. "We've got to play physical; we've got to play tough; we've got to play fast. And we've got to execute at a high level to beat Georgia."
    • Since November’s fourth-quarter collapse against ‘The Blue Team,’ the Ohio St. football team had one LAST CHANCE to sneak into this year's college football playoff. 


  • The Buckeyes had one hope on the football field: Utah had to beat USC in the Pac-12 Championship game for them to be considered to slide into the #4 spot to qualify for this year’s college football playoff. 
  • Are you an underdog in your classroom of life? Do you have a defeated mindset as a result of a difficult circumstance and or individual(s) in your sphere of influence? 

Game time: Implement Action to create positive change… 

  • Are you taking ‘the necessary steps’ to create change to improve your situation and benefit others?
    • Problem: The ‘OSU D’ gave up big plays in the 4th quarter against Michigan & we were outscored 28-3! 
    • Solution: The OSU defense  ‘painfully reviewed’ their blown coverages in film sessions to hopefully ensure NO BIG PLAYS transpire to assist Georgia’s offense! 
    • In your classroom of life: What issues are holding you back from leading your BEST life? They don't have to hold you back from experiencing victory in your life. 
    • Please tune into episode #9 with Damon West, best-selling author & speaker to the Life is a Classroom podcast on Apple 🍎 podcasts. The Power to Change Struggle into Opportunity: 
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