Preparation Meets Opportunities!

One of my greatest fears growing up was speaking in front of my peers… 

Third Grade: 

  • When I was in third grade at St. Louis School in Pittsford, N.Y, I talked during a group Language Arts presentation by Mrs. Nathan, my teacher. After I didn't adhere to her first two warnings, she threatened to call me to the FRONT of the class to teach the lesson!! 
  • Mrs. Nathan knew my mother, Celia, very well because she was ‘the classroom mom’ who everyone affectionately called Mrs. Ness! She monitored my progress in reading & math while assisting my third grade teacher. 

The Switch:

  • Midway through her lesson, Mrs. Nathan switched places with me on the class reading carpet. I reluctantly sat in her teacher's chair! Fear began to well up inside me because I was petrified & embarrassed in front of my peers. I apologized to my class and sat back down on the carpet. 

 Lesson Learned: 

  • This fearful moment as a peer teacher has lingered with me for 47 years! Since learning this heartfelt lesson from Mrs. Nathan, Coach N. has spoken at several church/school events in the past 35 years. Are you fearful of speaking in front of your peers? You can OVERCOME this fear by implementing: meditating with music, prayer, practicing talking & recording yourself in front of a mirror, or picking a ‘calming technique’ that works for you before you have to speak in front of an audience. 

Stretch Yourself with Your Message: 

  • This past October, I attended The Next Level Speaking Event in Iowa with Coaches Mitch Matthews & Travis Crutcher. As a result, I approach speaking at events with a different perspective utilizing proven frameworks & strategies!
  •  If the fear of speaking in front of groups is holding you back from the potential of earning a promotion, don't let fear control you. Is fear holding you back from stepping out of your comfort zone to speak & make extra income for your family? If you desire to speak, learn from other successful speakers & take steps to learn, dream & achieve to benefit others in your classroom of life! 

Tune into: 

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