Overcoming Trauma

Over the past two months, I’ve counseled several students on how they could cope with the trauma in their lives and conferred with their parents concerning the strategies I modeled for them. 

Some of the strategies I implemented with my students: They slowly will blow bubbles with their eyes closed and I tell them a motivational short story they can relate to, they make a positive object out of pipe cleaners (i.e., hearts 💕 , musical 🎵 notes, a letter of the alphabet that means something to them ect.), and they draw a picture of their future profession while listening to calming music 🎶. 

Several adults implemented these techniques over the last three decades as well. How about anyone who is reading today that may be trying to cope with a traumatic event. Have you implemented any of these strategies? Please share any strategy that has benefited your life. 

Some interesting trauma facts: 

  • Trauma is the leading cause of death for individuals up to the age of 45 years (Table of Causes of Death)
  • Trauma is the fourth leading cause of death overall for all ages.
  • There are almost 40,000 homicide and suicide deaths each year in the US.
  • Road traffic crashes kill 1.2 million people annually around the world (3,242 people a day) 90% of these deaths are in low or middle income countries
  • Estimated cost: $518 billion globally



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Learn, dream & achieve to give back to someone who can’t give back to you in your classroom of life. - Coach N.- 

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