Be a Victor NOT a Victim

Over the past several weeks in and out of the classroom setting, I’ve listened to students’ and adults’ issues concerning how they were and or are victims of their circumstances in life. 

Are you struggling with this negative mindset as well? I fall into this ‘mindset trap’ as well now and then but I always have to remind myself that I'm a victor NOT a victim! 

*Major depression is one of the most common mental illnesses, affecting more than 8% (21 million) of American adults each year. 

*15% of youth (3.7 million) ages 12-17 are affected by major depression. 


What strategies do I utilize and implement with my students and coaching clients daily to minimize their ‘victim mindset?’

Some of the positive mindset strategies consist of:

  1. Seek out someone or a community group (i.e., church, family, or friends) to confide in …
  2. I suggest a book (i.e., age-appropriate) that may assist them with building up a consistent, positive mindset…
  3. Listen to a few of their favorite, upbeat songs … maybe journal how your feeling afterward?!
  4. Daily Journaling (i.e., iPhone doc) of how they are gradually working towards accomplishing their goals in life…
  5. Approach any failures as a stepping stone or means to an end, instead of having a defeated mindset….

*PLEASE implement some of these strategies… I hope they positively assist you… 

Please ‘take ten’ and listen 🎧 to our episode with Mr. Chris DT Gordon. He has an inspiring story…

‘Learn, dream, and achieve to give back to someone who can’t give back to you in your classroom of life.’    -Coach N. - 🙂


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