Mother’s Day Without Celia

Our mother, Celia passed away May 21, 2024 from vascular dementia. It was on Mother’s Day last year on a sunny Sunday when I was completing a post for social media at Highland Park in Rochester, New York. The lilacs were in full bloom and you could smell their fragrance and I decided to close my eyes and take it all in.

With that being said, just when I was relaxing, and the stress of the past week subsided via taking care of Celia as her primary caretaker.

I received a call from Amy, one of mom’s nursing aides instructing me to come to the house ASAP.

Have you ever been a home healthcare aid for a loved one? Can you relate to having to take care of someone who’s health was declining at a rapid pace?

When I read this text, my heart sank and I knew God was speaking to me about mom’s end and her appointed time. As soon as I entered the living room, Amy informed me that mom was spitting out her medication. From this point on, I knew our mom was on borrowed time.

After the third time of me trying to convince mom to take her pills without being totally frustrated lol, I immediately called 911 to summon the Pittsford, N.Y. Ambulance via the EMT’s to drive to our mother’s home.

From this point on, I knew our mother would never return to her beloved home of 58 years.

One of my two promises to her was that I would allow her to die in her living room and not at Highland Hospital where she would reside until her passing to be with the Lord.

I was able to keep one of the two promises which was to feed mom chocolate ice cream as her last meal when she was on her fourth day of being checked into hospice.

Mom passed on and went to heaven five days later and most of her family surrounded her bed and granted her permission to pass. In the book of Hebrews 9:27, it states that God gives each human being an appointed time to die.

Please tune into our episode giving honor to our mother, Celia.

Tribute to Celia Nesser 

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