Do you have a dependable team that makes you better? Have you hired out your weaknesses to make your business more effective and profitable? I have. 

As I embarked on the daunting task of writing our book, I realized it would take ‘unity in community’ to be able to positively impact thousands of individuals around the world. I hired a proven author, Lise from New Zealand as well as a proven editor, Lisette from South Africa. They have walked our LIAC team step-by-step through this process. 

As a result, my anxiety was minimized and wow, did I learn a TON! Lol. Have you considered writing a book? Please share your thoughts. 

Our Life is a Classroom Podcast on Apple has allowed this educator of 30 years to connect with several of the most influential wellness entrepreneurs in the world. The advice that Sam and I received from our coach, Mitch Matthews allowed us to create a solid podcast that will have a greater reach worldwide in season 4. We have hired Ms. Karen Roberts from London to assist our team in ‘growing a larger audience.’ 

Have you ever thought about starting a podcast to impact individuals in your classroom of life? Please share your thoughts… 

I believe God ‘hand picked’ our LIAC team which consists of: Joe, a successful marketing entrepreneur via Denisco Strategic Group; Beth, our digital editor at  Beth Thompson Enterprises; Jeff, our C.P.A. who is the trustee of our LIAC Foundation; Wakili, a seasoned principal who assists with our coaching clients; Feli, our LIAC Ambassador who connects with worldwide brands; Sam, my podcast co-host and coauthor who I have mentored over the past four years; Patrick, founder of Patty’s Peppers LLC who is assisting with our book launch in late June; and Karen Roberts, who assists with our technical side and marketing of our podcast. 

I’m grateful for the love and support my family in New York and Florida have demonstrated towards me in the past two years. There is a UNITY in the community!

Please ‘take ten’ and listen in on Building Communities with Sophia Olivas: 


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