Pink Roses Have Thorns

One day last spring my mother, Celia, was admiring the pink rose bouquet I bought her while I was arranging these beautiful roses in a vase. One of the roses pricked me and my index finger started to bleed. Mom giggled and said, ‘Watch out honey, pink roses have thorns!’


Pink roses look beautiful and have a wonderful fragrance, but they have thorns. These thorns are representative of the trials and tribulations we experience on a daily basis.

What are your trials and tribulations that you have to overcome? Do you have a plan for overcoming these obstacles or are you continually living in defeat? Please feel free to share.

In this season of life, I am working through various obstacles to completing the daunting task of writing our book, ‘Bloom Where You Are.’ Over the past two years, I have handpicked each of my team members, and together we make a very balanced, successful and fun loving team which benefits others!

Podcasters: Please tune into our episode with Lisa Williams-  Overcome to Inspire: What Is Your Story?

Coach N. 

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