Learn, Dream BIGGER & Achieve

Have you ever felt discouraged or overwhelmed in a particular season or time in your life? I have … It’s not fun.

Flashing back to August of 2021, I was going through a difficult time adjusting to moving back to Upstate N.Y. to assist my 86-year-old mother, Celia who was struggling with how to cope with vascular dementia. I felt overwhelmed with this responsibility and I wasn’t sure how I would make a living after resigning from my job in Florida as a Dean/school counselor position.

In September of 2021, I snuck away from assisting Celia and stepped out with a leap of faith to attend Amberly Lago’s (i.e., wellness coach & author) first mastermind event in Malibu, CA.

As a result of interacting with this group of successful, faith-filled entrepreneurs, I began my journey as a Life Design Coach, speaker, podcaster, author and founded the Life is a Classroom Foundation. This was all accomplished while assisting Celia as a home health care aide.

Can you relate on any level? Have you felt overwhelmed or discouraged recently? Give a shout and share …

With that being said, through this ‘Unstoppable Mastermind’ I met my Coach, Mitch Matthews. He has assisted our Life is a Classroom team to: ‘Lean more, Dream BIGGER and Achieve!’

Please ‘take ten’ and tune into our episode with Coach Mitch.

Coach N. 😊


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