Leadership Values

According to Merriam – Webster, leadership is defined as the capacity to lead, the office or position of a leader, and the act or instance of leading.

I was counseling a group of students last week who asked me, ‘What does leadership mean to you?’ My answer to the group of aspiring leaders was to strive to develop ‘leadership values’ such as: becoming knowledgeable of all aspects of the job at hand, being aware of the needs and or wants of the individuals you are working with as well as being a role model in/out of the classroom setting.

With that being said, I encouraged them to listen to an episode on our podcast with Kevin LeGrett (i.e. the Life is a Classroom podcast on Apple).

Kevin LeGrett is a media executive of 23 years working as the President of iHeartMedia Sports. He is a successful leader who has worked with many platforms for several major media companies such as CBS Radio, Citadel Broadcasting, and now iHeartMedia. You will learn about what he values as a leader, as well as how what influenced him to gain and develop those values.

Are you struggling with your leadership position in your classroom of life? Please tune into our engaging episode with Kevin.

Coach N.


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