Mindset Is Everything 

Are you stuck in a dead-end job and or a profession you just can't find or salvage the passion for? Maybe you need a change?

How is your mindset? A negative mindset will continually decrease your confidence level to where you're afraid to ‘step out of your comfort zone’ and opportunities will be missed.

A positive mindset would assist you in stepping out of your comfort zone and potentially discovering a new pathway in your career, personal life or maybe even patching up a broken relationship.

Last weekend, I learned, dreamed, and achieved during The Unstoppable Success Summit 2024. I began new friendships with authors, entrepreneurs, podcasts, speakers, and coaches from all around the world thanks to our host, Amberly Lago, and her amazing team!

What I learned: Everyone should strive to be a lifelong learner at some level to keep growing in knowledge. As I listened to world-class speakers such as Henry Ammar, Rachel Luna, Ben Newman, Rudi Reikstins, Amberly Lago and Jon Gordon I realized what a huge, positive impact they were making all around the world. I’ve read their books and admire their character of how they continuously ‘give back’ to their classrooms of life!

How about you? Are you a lifelong learner in your profession and or classroom of life?

Please any experience you feel would benefit others.

What I dreamed/planned for: I have a deeper desire in my heart to make more of a positive impact in this world at work with my students, coaching clients, family, friends, and especially any individuals who cross my path in need of any type of assistance. Dreams to me are future goals that I want to accomplish to benefit others such as gaining a greater sphere of influence in coaching, speaking, podcasting, and the foundation world.

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is:

‘Dreams come in the multitude of business but talkers are known for multitudes of empty words. Ecclesiastes 5:3 My late father, Joseph used to say to his five sons, ‘Talk is cheap!’ lol.

How about you? Are you living the dream and making a positive impact in your classroom of life? Please share what dreams are coming true for you.

What I achieved: I connected with amazing individuals who not only are tops in their professions but we shared our faith as Christians as well. New opportunities are opening up because I not only learned and dreamed/planned for but I achieved by FOLLOWING through!

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Dr. Nesser’s testimonial on Amberly Lago’s True Grit and Grace show.


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