The Power to Change Struggle into Opportunity…

Episode #5 with Damon West…

 Are you struggling with making changes in your life?! Are you struggling at your job or in your personal life? 

Over the past year, while caring for my mother, Celia, I’ve reinvented myself from a 28-year educator to a podcaster, Life Design Coach & speaker. Is fear or doubt crippling your courage to ‘take a risk’ outside your boundaries of comfortability?! 

With that said, I was born an underdog being born two months premature & with Cerebral Palsy. The doctors told my parents Joe & Celia that I may not survive through the first day & if I did, there might be ramifications.

Sam my technician & co host for The Life is a Classroom podcast 🍎 had the honor of having an insightful & engaging conversation with Damon West. Tune into his episode & discover his ‘Coffee Bean’ experience! 

Please tune into our episode #5  with Damon West: ‘The Power to Change Struggle into Opportunity!’ 

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