The Lessons from Basketball 

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Growing up in Pittsford, New York I was one of the best experiences a child could ask for…

My parents were far from perfect but they provided a loving home where I played basketball from kinder to high school 🎓  …

This wonderful sport kept my interest in school  where to be quite honest, I lacked confidence and doubted my ability to perform at an A level like my other ‘basketball buddies’ who were in the advanced classes.

I was co captain of my eighth grade basketball team at St. Louis school. Being on a basketball team taught me how to be a team player, be fair on and off the court and develop my motor skills to assist with my cerebral palsy.

With that being said, I was born with cerebral palsy & in 1970 a neurologist told my parents that their son, Damian  would have difficulty playing sports and competing at a high-level. I overcame several obstacles in my life as a result of having CP.

How about you? Are you fighting a physical or mental battle at the present time?  Do you lack confidence like I did? This may help in some small way… Coach N. 😊


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