Are you a dog lover? 15 years ago, I inherited this furry friend with a bit of reluctance. Pitbulls as you probably are well aware carry the stigma of not being a ‘friendly breed’ that cannot be trusted.

What’s your perspective on pit bulls?

In August 2021, I overheard an argument between Celia and my brother, Joe which centered around Joe, informing my mother that I was moving back from Florida to assist her as her nursing aide. Mom stated, ‘No way is that pitbull living in my house!’ Joe replied, ‘Yes he is!’ Can you relate? Have your family members ever argued over a dog living at your residence? 

 Research states dogs are extremely intuitive concerning ‘being aware of their master’s and or owner’s state of health!’ In 2021, Celia, our beloved 86-year-old mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia… 

 In mom‘s early stages of this horrific disease, Celia would venture back and forth from the living room recliner to her bathroom and her furry angel would follow her to ensure she traveled safely utilizing her walker. As her condition progressed to stages 4-6 and Celia utilized her wheelchair, Bruno continued to faithfully follow our mother to the kitchen for a quick snack and or the bathroom to patiently wait outside the door.

In stage six, when Celia was bedridden Bruno’s trips to the icebox in the kitchen decreased from an  average of 15 times a day to 3-5 times. He didn’t want to leave her side! Do you think Bruno purposefully decreased his trips to the refrigerator?


Sam and I dedicated a chapter to Bruno and Celia’s relationship in our summer of 2024 book, ‘Bloom Where You Are’ (A Circle of Life perspective on his mother’s journey with vascular dementia.) 

Bruno is a picture of ‘unconditional love’ …

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