The Game: A Second Chance 🏈

Have you ever received a second opportunity to achieve something in your personal or professional life?

  • College football fans understand that ‘The Game’ refers to Ohio St. vs. Michigan. This historic matchup takes place every year in late November.  
  • This year, the teams were in a ‘nail-biter’ through three quarters. Unfortunately for Buckeye fans, Michigan dominated the fourth quarter by outscoring the Buckeyes 28-3! Will OSU’s playoff HOPES be squashed? 
  • As a fan, I felt depressed because we didn't compete well in the fourth quarter. We got out-coached & outplayed! Since I'm an optimist through and through, I still had a glimmer of hope that my beloved Buckeyes could still sneak in the fourth playoff spot. It would take a ‘small miracle!’ 

A Second Chance?

  • This past Friday, USC played Utah for The Pac-12 Championship. 
    • OSU fans’ glimmer of HOPE rested on Utah upsetting #4 USC so the Buckeyes could potentially secure the fourth spot in the College Football Playoff. 
    • Utah dominated USC in the second half to win the conference title & knock them out of the College Football Playoff. 
    • Have you ever been given a second chance of some kind? If so, what was your strategy or plan of action to make the most of your SECOND CHANCE? 

Never Give Up HOPE: 

  • The Buckeyes will go head-to-head with #1 Georgia in a semi-final game on December 31st. There is HOPE but it's not going to be easy for the Buckeyes. 
  • What's the plan for the Buckeyes before game day? First of all, they are grateful for being given a RARE second chance to potentially win a National Championship. 
  • In general, the Buckeyes will have to play their A-game & not give up BIG PLAYS to the Bulldogs. The coaching staff needs to teach & coach at a higher level. With that said, the players must learn from their mistakes by watching films &  implementing their changes on the field. Hopefully, the OSU vs Georgia will turn out to be an ESPN classic! 

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