Resonate with Resilience…

Do you resonate with resilience when times get tough?! How can we implement resilience strategies to make us stronger through ‘the tough times, so we are capable of flourishing & NOT folding?! 

With that said, in June 2021, my four older brothers & I were notified by our family doctor that our 87-year-old mom, Celia has dementia.  At first, I had a plethora of emotions racing through my mind: confusion, fear, anxiety & even anger! We brainstormed options of how we could best assist our mother in her darkest hour! Can you relate to this situation or something similar?

After numerous hours of research, my brothers & I connected with a nursing agency that provided excellent care and nurses who understood how to interact with our mom. We created a schedule that provided 24-7 care within her home environment to make her as comfortable as possible. We enrolled Celia into a Medicaid Program which allowed our family to protect our assets. 

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