‘Plan With A Vision To Reach Your Dreams’

As a seasoned educator… I’ve had the honor of integrating my 30 years of experience as a classroom teacher, and dean with thousands of students,teachers, parents and or guardians whose lives were positively impacted by our interactions in/out of classroom settings. 

As a Life Design Coach, I’m having fun challenging my clients to learn, dream, and achieve beyond what they thought possible by integrating life coaching strategies which improve their lives personally, professionally, and spiritually. 

With that being said, sometimes while making a positive impact in/out of the school settings, I felt ‘burnt out’ from always giving back to others. Have you ever felt that way? 

When I feel exhausted, I recharge mentally and physically by venturing out on a long bike ride while listening to faith-based music or a good book on audible. What do you do to ‘recharge’ when you feel tired or exhausted from a long week at work? Please share. 

For 2024, plan on continuing to make a positive impact in my classroom of life and or my sphere of influence by serving my students and or coaching clients by giving them proven, research-based strategies for them to implement and improve their lives. What 

is your plan for 2024? 

Furthermore, as I continue to implement this plan, I will be able to carry out my vision for completing our book, ‘Bloom Where You Are’ with my co-author Sam who I mentor as well as resume our Life Is A Classroom Podcast on Apple (Season 4) this summer. What is your vision for 2024? Please feel free to share …

My dream of sharing my two-year journey of taking care of our mother, Celia who passed away in May 2023 of vascular dementia in different countries will come to fruition in June 2024 when Sam and I travel to Australia and New Zealand to promote dementiaawareness.  Are you going after your dreams in 2024? Give a shout out …

Maybe our coaching TEAM can assist you in some way?! 

-Coach N.-  😊


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