Overcoming Obstacles

Are you struggling with overcoming an obstacle in your life?! I’ve struggled to overcome ‘my lack of confidence and being born with Cerebral Palsy!’ In the summer of 1967, in the Catskill Mountains, my parents, Joe & Celia Nesser, were dancing to Frank Sinatra’s: ‘Fly Me To The Moon,’ and my mom’s water broke! My mother refused to stay at the nearby hospital, so my father drove her to Highland Hospital in Rochester, N.Y., where the doctors had to perform a ‘C-Section’ two months before her due date. I survived the operation, and everything was seemingly. . . o.k., but my father fainted through the waiting process!

When I was three years old, my parents had me observed by a Neurologist when I was crawling & playing with blocks. He ascertained that I was born with Cerebral Palsy. The doctors told my parents I might have difficulty walking, playing sports, and other physical activities. Years later, I was captain of my fifth & eighth-grade basketball teams.

My mantra in life is: ‘Learn, dream & achieve to give back to someone who can’t give back to you in your classroom of life!’ Are you struggling with an obstacle? Do you have a support group or a best friend to assist you in overcoming this roadblock?! Keep moving forward by keeping a positive mindset & holding on to ‘your faith!’

For encouragement & gleaning mindset tools, please tune into Episode #1 of the LIAC podcast with Amberly Lago, Wellness Expert…

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