How can peanuts 🥜 enhance my diet?

Are you struggling with your diet and or inflammation? Hopefully, this blog & our podcast episodes can assist you with enhancing your diet.

Three years ago, I was overweight & uncomfortable while trying to fit into ‘my tight clothes.’ Can you relate in some way? 

I decided to exercise daily by working out in the gym, biking, and walking to burn calories. This helped me develop a healthier mindset & gain some confidence I lacked. 

Growing up with four older brothers & an Italian  🇮🇹 mom who cooked an array of foods had its positives (i.e.delicious food). Still, it had its drawbacks, including eating large portions of food in one sitting and eating late to accommodate different schedules within our household. 

Over the past year, Sam, my cohost & I interviewed Dr. Samara Sterling from the Peanut 🥜 Institute on our Life is a Classroom Podcast 🍎. Here are a few diet strategies we have implemented since our insightful conversations: intermittent fasting, not eating past 7 p.m. & eating a handful of peanuts daily!  


Please tune into the Life is a Classroom podcast 🍎 to discover strategies to enhance your diet by integrating peanuts 🥜 daily. The first link is Dr. Sterling’s episode on Plant 🌱 Based Foods. 

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