Christmas Past & Present

Christmas Past:

Reflecting on the Christmas season growing up with four older brothers, two parents who wanted ‘our chores’ done yesterday 😂 , used our manners wherever we ventured off to (i.e. friend’s houses, special events, or over various cousin’s houses) as well as help out with Christmas 🎄 Eve preparation for at least 100-120 individuals coming/going throughout each cherished evening. 

Can you relate to cherished memories of Christmas Eve parties as well? I’d love to hear of some of your family traditions and or memories growing up. Please feel free to share.  

Celia, our mother, used to remind me to find two twigs and make them into the shape of a cross. We believed it would keep the snow and or sleet away between the hours of 5 pm-2 am. Over 40 years, our prayers were answered the majority of the time. 

Christmas Present: 

On May 21st of this year, our beloved mother, Celia passed away from vascular dementia. Twenty-one years prior, Joseph, our beloved father affectionately known as ‘Uncle Joe’ or ‘Mr. Ness’ countless family and friends passed away from cancer.

 This is the first Christmas season without either of our parents. A plethora of emotions are swirling through my mind throughout each workday. Can you relate to losing a parent? If so, how did you cope with the loss of your loved one? 


Some of my outlets for relieving stress are: riding my bike while enjoying music and or an audiobook, podcasting, coaching, hanging out with family/friends, and most of all giving back to individuals in need. What do you utilize for relieving stress? 


With that being said, recently, the Life is a Classroom Foundation had the honor of giving back to students in need. Our LIAC team was able to provide resources for The Florida TSA (Technology Student Association) is focused on students learning what it means to be a leader in our technical world 🌎 in addition to preparing their school’s chapter for a successful year of competition and participation. 


The Life is a Classroom Foundation will be ‘giving back’ funds & resources via books/supplies to schools in South America, churches, and orphanages & supporting the development of freshwater 💦 wells in Africa in the coming months… 

Please visit our LIAC Foundation link at 


You can follow this link to listen to an episode of our food/wellness podcast as well…


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